[gamin] greedy gam_server


I have a process called 'gam_server' which is making a nuscience of itself (hogging CPU, reappearing after I kill it...). How do I stop this?

The great and wonderful interweb seems to be telling me this is something to do with Gamin, and i've possibly got it kicking around because I carelessly used nautilus earlier. Your site and the FAM one appear to confirm that its something that should only be running if I'm using gui file browsers.


Q. What is a File Alteration Monitor and why might I want it running?
A. Something to do with gui file browsers, (why isn't the refresh button good enough?)

Q. If I'm not using a gui browser, is there any reason at all why I might want the gam_server process running?
A. I don't think so...

Q. What should I do about an over-excited gam_server process?
A. Killing it won't help, another one will just appear. Nice-ing it helps a bit.

And the one I'm really interested in:
Q. How do I disable gamin permanantly?

I'm using Fedora core 4, with KDE. Don't know what version of gamin I have - I don't know how to check. There does not appear to be a file called 'gamin' on my machine. I located gam_server in /usr/libexec, but it didn't do anything useful with --versin or --help. I've just updated though, so it should be recent if its something that yum will be picking up.

Apologies for display of ignorance; I don't like it when processes I don't understand use significant resources. Searching for 'gam_server' turned up lots of people basically asking the same question - what is this thing, why is it hogging my computer and how can I get rid of it. While there were answers there for other linux distros, they talk about an /etc/gamin/gaminrc file. I have no gamin/ directory in /etc and couldn't find any file called gaminrc.

Is this worthy of a FAQ?


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