Re: [gamin] monitoring of links

Hi Daniel
>   For the third patch, 2 seconds are way too long, it makes the tests
> really slow, I reduced it to 0.5 seconds
I picked 2 secs to reliably span some checks that are done in, IIRC, the
inotify and kqueue backends, with a timer interval of 1 sec. Here, on
my slowish box, the 11 basic tests take about 75 secs to complete, and
in the grand scheme of things, that didn't seem too much to cope with.

, reran make tests and now
> tests 8 and 9 fails with apparently missed events while the library
> and the server code didn't change, so I consider this third patch
> bogus and it won't be commited as is, we need to check what is really
> going on.
Hmmm ... no failure here, for those tests (I used cvs code from
about a week ago, built with inotify, dnotify, no debugging, fresh
installed over anything prior).

You didn't mention extra reports from any prior test or part thereof,
so the wait-intervals should be indistinguishable from pauses
initiated for any other reason. Wonder why such would affect gamin at
all, much less cause loss of report(s) in later test(s) ... Can you
please post your test results for us to ponder?


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