How to just make specific games?

Hi game team,

How to just make specific games? I ask so because I want to save the build time. For example, suppose I'm working on gnomine, everyday I still pull the latest changes from upstream. If I just use the default options in configure which means to build all game, then the build time will be much longer. 

So I want to just make the games I'm interested with. I have noticed that there is a option in ./configure script, --with-games or --enable-games. But if I specify like this ./configure --with-games=gnomine, there will be an error saying 'am__fastdepCXX was never defined blah blah. I found a fix by trial and error that is adding 'AC_PROG_CXX' at line#187. So far it works for me.

I still want to know how do you guys do? Do you encounter the same problem like me?

Sophia Yu

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