Re: How to just make specific games?

Hi Sophia,

This turns out to be a but in our
GNOME_CXX_WARNINGS([yes]) should be in the need_cxx section.

The problem will go away when Robert lands his vala port of
quadrapassel. Until that happens or until we fix you can
workaround the bug by building quadrapassel together with the game you
./configure --enable-games=quadrapassel,gnomine

I'll see if can find a second to fix the tonight.

- thomas

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 08:27, Sophia Yu <sophia receiving gmail com> wrote:
> Hi game team,
> How to just make specific games? I ask so because I want to save the build
> time. For example, suppose I'm working on gnomine, everyday I still pull the
> latest changes from upstream. If I just use the default options in configure
> which means to build all game, then the build time will be much longer.
> So I want to just make the games I'm interested with. I have noticed that
> there is a option in ./configure script, --with-games or --enable-games. But
> if I specify like this ./configure --with-games=gnomine, there will be an
> error saying 'am__fastdepCXX was never defined blah blah. I found a fix by
> trial and error that is adding 'AC_PROG_CXX' at line#187. So far it works
> for me.
> I still want to know how do you guys do? Do you encounter the same problem
> like me?
> Thanks,
> Sophia Yu
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