Re: GNOME Games and MS Windows

Hi Vincent,

I'm trying to make life easier :)

The good news is everything you've referred to is no longer in git
master [1], the only Windows references now being some rules in and the windows/ directory.  The games all use standard
glib calls where possible which should work fine on Windows.

If no-one else speaks up I'll drop the windows/ directory, and could
you look a the checks in and see if they're still



On 18 January 2012 15:59, Vincent Povirk <madewokherd gmail com> wrote:
> I'm hoping to work on a windows distribution of gnome-games when coapp
> is ready for it (should be within the year, I think), and I'd
> appreciate it if you don't make my life harder. I've just scanned the
> code for Windows-specific stuff and tried to guess at whether it's
> useful.
> Please keep the Windows-specific code in
> libgames-support/games-show.c. It looks useful.
> AFAICT libgames-support/games-files.c just has a small build fix for
> MSVC. Some things are defined there in io.h rather than the more
> expected places. Probably worth keeping.
> Everything in windows/nsis is useless to me, as well as the Windows
> code in libgames-support/games-runtime.c.
> I don't know the status of libgames-support/eggsmclient-win32.c. It
> could be useful but seems non-essential.

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