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Mark LaPierre <marklapier aol com> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Maybe I don't understand the rules of FreeCell but it seem to me that 
> there is a problem with the suggestion process.
> Error1A.png shows a suggestion to move four cards when there are only 
> two open reserve spaces.  By my understanding of the rules I should only 
> be able to move a maximum of three cards at once.  Error1B.png shows the 
> playing surface after the illegal move has been made.

Actually, this move is valid because you use the empty stack (at the third
column for the left) for temporarily placing a column in addition to the
reserves. This is called a “supermove” in Freecell terminology and you can read
more about it here:

> Error2A.png shows a suggestion to move ten cards at a whack.  That 
> should not be possible even if all the reserve spaces were empty. 
> Error2B.png shows the playing surface after the illegal move has been made.

Again, you have enough empty columns to temporarily place cards on in order to
place cards and columns temporarily there.

In Freecell, one can distinguish between atomic moves that move one card at a
time, and aggregate moves that move entire columns at once (possibly by using
other columns for support).


	Shlomi Fish

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