gnome-games ideas


     Here are my ideas,
1. I want to add a new feature to gnome-sudoku ie to add a timer to the game ,timer starts incrementing from zero when the player starts the game and stops       when the game is solved so that the player will know in how much time he/she could solve the game  .

 2.May be if we already have a record of time for the particular player or in general for the difficulty level then we can play with the timer function more! For eg, if we know the average time to solve a level is T or if the personal lowest time taken by a person is T, then if he/she solves in less than T we increase the points or give some bonus or display a colourful congratulations message etc. Also if the player has played till some (3/4)T then with some sound effect we can alert the player he/she has T/4 time left to solve to get the bonus.
 3. In glchess i want give proper colour ,graghical and add proper sound effects to it.

 4.For the beginners i want to add an icon where sample basic games are played with description so that they will learn how to play and one more icon  where chess tricks are displayed in it. 

Can you please give your suggestions on my ideas.

Thank you


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