Re: Sudoku Game and GSoC

Right, attached is a improved version of the previous patch. It still
contains tabs, but these are to do with removing tabs from files, hope
this is ok?

I tried adding a submenu to reduce the clutter. I am not sure what
could be moved to a preferences menu, I would view preferences as
something you change once in a while, and would not normally change
multiple times in one session?

Also, If we are going to do time based scoring, the timer and
pause/resume button still need adding to the toolbar?



On 31 March 2012 11:45, Robert Ancell <robert ancell gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> It looks good to me.
> Some things to note:
> - You have some tab characters in the patch
> - The menu does feel very busy.  We need to think about the naming and
> what options are there.  We should probably also make a preferences
> dialog that can contain a number of these options.  I was thinking
> more about what the application menu contains - it possibly doesn't
> need to contain things like "Track Additions", maybe that can be
> considered sufficient in the toolbar only?  The application menu
> concept is very new and we might need to experiment with it a bit.
> --Robert
> On 31 March 2012 00:59, Chris Baines <cbaines8 gmail com> wrote:
>> I also have a initial patch for the Gtk.Application and GMenu stuff,
>> its probably not complete/correct, but I would like some advice, so
>> here goes.
>> Thanks,
>> Chris
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