Re: Looking for a maintainer of the Aisleriot installer for Windows


Le Fri, 01 May 2009 22:11:48 +0200,
Tom Bass <tom bass zoho com> a écrit :
> I formerly built the installer for gnome games on windows. After not 
> hearing anything from the community regarding this installer (gnome 
> games on win at all) I thought, the work is not needed anymore. So if 
> there's still some interest and no one else likes to do the work, I
> can maintain this installer (maybe start also on porting stuff to
> win) further on, esp. fixing the mentioned bugs, etc.
> Just gimme a mail, if there's still some interest.

I can't really estimate how much interested there is in
Aisleriot-on-Windows; the existing installer .exe is gone from the
location linked at and 
download stats are probably also not available. 

Still, there at least seems to be some interest in running Gnome
programmes on Windows; we recently got better installers for the
glib/pango/gtk+/etc platform stack, and a few Gnome apps were ported to
Windows, e.g. Gedit. That's why I though I'd ask if anyone was
interested in keeping Aisleriot/Windows alive :)


> Christian Persch schrieb:
> > Is anyone interested in working on the installer for Aisleriot
> > (and possibly the other games from Gnome Games) for Windows? 
> >
> > There's already a prototype windows installer of Aisleriot [see
> >] (the NSIS files are in
> > gnome-games' git repo in /windows/nsis/), but it's very old now,
> > unmaintained and has a few bugs (e.g. #467440, #526278). 
> >
> > Compiling Aisleriot on windows is untested in later versions, so
> > it's possible that some minor code issues will also need to be
> > resolved, which I'm willing to help with. The other games have
> > never been tried on windows, but since by now we removed the Gnome
> > library dependencies, they should be portable with only a small
> > amount of code changes required.
> >
> > Regards,
> > 	Christian
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