Re: Gnome Games will make 3D mandatory for 2.28

>> sure. But if we plan to support both ways we will at some point need
>> something more flexible. A bit off topic but is runtime detection of
>> clutter out of the question?
> No, runtime is probably doable but the rendering methods are widely
> different -- the easiest method would be to just simple install both
> and have a wrapper script that launches the appropriate binary.
> However, I don't like there. The problem is that we have to maintain
> two rendering engines. If this were a project supporting just one
> game, that would be something worth considering but the proposition of
> having two entirely different rendering engines for every game in our
> module makes me unhappy.
> 3D should work everywhere and if it doesn't, it's a bug. I've have a
> cell phone in my junk electronics pile that's 4 years old that has
> working 3D acceleration.

Agreed. Supporting two "versions" of each game would indeed suck.
Maybe we should just not worry about all this for now and see how the
new gnometris is received.

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