Gnome Games will make 3D mandatory for 2.28

Now that 2.26 is out and we've begun to work on 2.28, I want to get
this out early so that no one feels like this was a last minute
surprise. This has been a year in the making and this development
cycle appears to be the right time to put some polish on our new game
engines and make them the default.

This is not a proposal or RFC. This is what is happening; I am merely
make it abundantly clear well in advance of it being released to the
general public.

Games which will require 3D for 2.28:
 * Gnometris
 * Lights Off (pending approval of Seed/GJS dependency during proposal period)
 * Same Gnome (pending approval of Seed/GJS dependency during proposal period)

Games which may require 3D depending on the maturity of the engine for 2.28:
 * Aisleriot
 * GSoC project results (whatever they may be)

I anticipate that two parties will be disappointed: LTSP deployments
and owners of ATI graphics cards. Taking the later first, this group
appears to be being well-addressed by Airlied's work; hopefully
everything will just work by the time 2.28 is released. As a former
LTSP admin/engineer/slave, I believe that this style of Linux terminal
server deployment is deeply flawed and well on the way to being
replaced by "Live" environments.

Whatever your opinion, remember: these are just games. Don't take this
announcement too seriously.

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