Re: GSoC: Convert a game to Clutter

Hi, Guillaume Beland

I'm currently working on porting my own game to Clutter. For me, it
will be also good if Nibbles will be ported, too. Because their
animation needs Clutter support. I think Clutter makes it smoother.

If you starts porting any game, can you paste the link to your SVN. I
want to learn about Clutter, and starting from the beginning will be
good not only for my, also for many developers, who plans to use

So, I appreciate your ides. Go on.

Vlad Volodin

2009/3/4 Guillaume Beland <guillaume beland gmail com>:
> Hello everybody
> I'm a student looking to participate to this year GSoC for GNOME. I
> had a look at the GNOME ideas page for GSoC 2009 and I found the idea
> to convert a game without a canvas renderer to the Clutter OpenGL
> canvas greatly appealing to me. Before I start preparing a detailed
> application I want to ask what game you guys would like to see
> converted to clutter.
> My first thought was Nibbles, I think that's the game that would
> benefit the most from the clutter library and that's also the game I
> play the most :P. However I'd like to have your opinion on that
> matter.
> Also, I've successfully participated in the 2008 edition of the GSoC
> for Neuros Technology so I know how the GSoC process work but If you
> have any advice for my application to be accepted for GNOME, feel free
> to share :).
> Thank you
> Guillaume Beland.
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