GSoC: Convert a game to Clutter

Hello everybody

I'm a student looking to participate to this year GSoC for GNOME. I
had a look at the GNOME ideas page for GSoC 2009 and I found the idea
to convert a game without a canvas renderer to the Clutter OpenGL
canvas greatly appealing to me. Before I start preparing a detailed
application I want to ask what game you guys would like to see
converted to clutter.

My first thought was Nibbles, I think that's the game that would
benefit the most from the clutter library and that's also the game I
play the most :P. However I'd like to have your opinion on that

Also, I've successfully participated in the 2008 edition of the GSoC
for Neuros Technology so I know how the GSoC process work but If you
have any advice for my application to be accepted for GNOME, feel free
to share :).

Thank you
Guillaume Beland.

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