Re: "I've got this great idea!"

On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 1:32 PM, Vlad Volodin <vest 84 gmail com> wrote:
> I have the game, I called Gnome Quod (gQuod). I decided to make it more
> suitable to Gnome environment. In "Gnome Games - Developer's Guidelines"
> I've found that my idea won't be implemented in Gnome Games because of their
> size. Also it is said, that in mail-list people can help me "with advice on
> how to let your game make the most of GNOME technologies".
> Any help will be precious to me.

I would consider adding the game if:
 * it used autotools
 * it were written in C or JavaScript instead of C++
 * it rescaled the playing field
 * it used a canvas (Clutter or GooCanvas)
 * it met the internationalization requirements with i18n strings
 * it used gnome-doc-utils to make its documentation

If you can make those changes or come close, then we can consider adding it.

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