Re: GSoC Proposal - Restyling of some old GNOME games

Hi Diego,

A number of points here:
- I think you may have underestimated how much work is required to
rewrite an entire program.  Rewriting involves a significant amount of
time to become feature complete with the existing codebase and a much
longer longer time to find all the new bugs that will have been
- By producing a new codebase integration of these changes will be
like adding a new game to GNOME Games.  You will be the only person
with an in-depth knowledge of the code and thus there will be a
maintenance issue to overcome.  (You should expect this code to be
maintained/maintainable for ~5 years).
- I'd like to see some more details regarding the new functionality
that clutter will give these games.  While GNOME Games is pursuing a
strategy of moving to clutter change for change sake is not
necessarily good.  Please indicate what new effects will be added.
- There is no requirement to rewrite glChess in C - all the
functionality you are considering is available in Python through
- If you want to use IRC from University I recommed using
which is a web-based IRC client.

Good luck!

2009/4/2 Diego Casella <polentino911 gmail com>:
> Hi all,
> I've noticed some days ago a project ideas you need to reach, is to convert
> some old gnome games in order to use the Clutter library
> and improve a good appearance. So I've made two proposal, the first about
> converting the classic GnoMines games, the second involves GLChess.
> For this last proposal, I've added a screenshot where I show the new icons I
> made on purpose for this game, I hope you like it!
> However these are the links
> Hope you can find them interesting!
> Best regards,
> Diego.
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