Re: Aisleriot: special card theme for small screens?

Hi Christian,

Christian Persch schrieb:
> As you can see from the attached screenshot, it's fine for those cards
> that are fully visible. But for the cards that are only partially
> visible, only the rank but not the suit is visible... Maybe the rank and
> suit could be arranged _horizontally_ at the top of the card (and
> vertically at the bottom left of the card, for those card games where
> the cards are stacked horizontally to the right), and enlarged a bit?
> The repetition of the suit/rank at the bottom/right of the card could be
> omitted, even.

I've attached a new version. I took your suggestions into account and made
the suits and symbols visible for 1/5th offsets vertically and
horizontally. However I tried to make it still look "playing-card-like"
and put the symbols in all corners.
Colors are from the tango palette and black and white.

What do you think?


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