Re: Aisleriot: special card theme for small screens?


Le mercredi 23 janvier 2008 à 18:10 +0100, Aike Reyer a écrit :
> Please have a look at the attached version of Anglo, that I created for
> low resolution screens.
> I also have big index and dual index versions of Anglo. Of theses I
> attached the nine of spades.
> I don't want to flood gnome-games with different versions of the same
> card deck, but I wondered if anybody is interested in these versions?
> Big index might be nice for blackjack, but only the double index
> version is suitable for aisleriot, because the index is only visible on
> the top card of a pile.

That looks very promising, thanks a lot!

As you can see from the attached screenshot, it's fine for those cards
that are fully visible. But for the cards that are only partially
visible, only the rank but not the suit is visible... Maybe the rank and
suit could be arranged _horizontally_ at the top of the card (and
vertically at the bottom left of the card, for those card games where
the cards are stacked horizontally to the right), and enlarged a bit?
The repetition of the suit/rank at the bottom/right of the card could be
omitted, even.
The cards offset by 1/5th of their height (1/5th of the width for
horizontally stacked cards), which is hardcoded at the moment. It could
be increased to maybe 1/4th, or even made configurable by the theme (to
ensure that the whole rank/suit is visible, depending on the theme).


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