Re: GGZ room translations

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008, Andreas Røsdal wrote:
On Fri, 18 Jan 2008, Josef Spillner wrote:
Am Montag 14 Januar 2008 21:28:10 schrieb Andreas Røsdal:
The translation of *.desktop files is still done in the .po files, which
is where all the other translation work also happens. Gettext
"automagically" extracts the translatable strings from the *.desktop
files, then includes the string for translation in each .po file, so that
gettext during runtime can lookup the binary .mo files to translate the
string correctly. The whole GNOME translation infrastructure is build upon
using gettext (and .po files).

Hm... are you sure about that? I thought that the .desktop -> .pot
transformation happens for translation only, and afterwards .po contents are
merged back into .desktop. So you say that in GNOME all .desktop file
translations are not read from the .desktop files themselves but from .mo

On second thought, I think that you are correct about this.
My main point is still valid, though, which was that translators do their
work in *.po files, not in any other files. So I still think that translators
would prefer if the strings for the .room files could be put in .po files
for translation. Perhaps we should ask some translators?

It seems that you were entirely correct about this...  :-)
Christian Persch has committed some changes, and now the .room files
are translatable. Thanks!

But this will not work with GGZ 0.0.14 yet, right?

 - Andreas

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