Re: Gnome Games 2.22.1

On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 12:12 PM, Thomas H.P. Andersen <phomes gmail com> wrote:
>  Regarding gnometris I'm running version 1.5.14 of cairo and I still
>  see the issue. It does not get really bad until i have enough bricks
>  to fill the screen up 2/3 but then it has also reached the level where
>  I cannot control it any more. This is on a 6800 GT graphics card and
>  3200+ athlon cpu so I dont' think we can blame the users hardware for
>  this one. The game in its current state is completely unusable for me.
>  I really think we should switch to a less demanding theme as default.
>  (The new theme uses a lot of gradients but cairo does not handle
>  gradients in an optimized way yet. From the talk carl worth gave at
>  lca this is comming in future versions however. Lca is some time ago
>  so maybe the optimizations are already in. I don't know).

I just did some profiling using oprofile and it pretty much confirms
that all of the trouble is inside Cairo (this is on an Intel graphics
chip). Having said that, I believe we are going about using Cairo the
wrong way. The long term solution is to blit the blocks graphics to an
offscreen pixmap on a resize event and perform the game rendering with
pixmaps while playing. When another resize event happens, discard the
old pixmaps, reblit the blocks to new pixmaps and resume play.

In the short term, I agree that we should kill gradients.

>  Waiting with the release until Tuesday is a good idea. So far the only
>  late changes have been for sudoku so whoever is reading this please
>  check out the 2-22 branch and give sudoku a good testing.

Sounds good. I'll test today; I see that all the fixes are checked in now.

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