Re: Gnome Games 2.22.1

We probably want to do a too. Tom fixed a few important
crasher bugs for sudoku and I have one ready too for bug #515041 that
I will check in when I get home (damn university network). I hope that
ubuntu will pick up the 2.22.1 releases for hardy so we should try to
get as many crasher bugs fixed included before that.

We also need to do something about the gnometris performance issue. It
was not really fixed and bugs keep showing up about it in bugzilla and

Jason, perhaps we should choose beforehand who will do each release?
Having two maintainers gets kind of chaotic if we don't try to
coordinate these things.

- Thomas

On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 6:10 AM, Jason D. Clinton <me jasonclinton com> wrote:
> This is the first service release in the 2.22.x release series. A few minor bug
>  fixes are included. Also, a handful of translation updates.
>  Overall:
>   - Merge changes in ggz.m4 from ggz trunk. (Roger Light, Andreas Røsdal, bug
>     #520599, bug #510917)
>  Aisleriot:
>   - Add back the statistics fallback (Christian Persch, bug #406267, bug
>     #525177)
>   - Don't allow moving non-uniformly suited card stacks to foundation (Philippe
>     Gauthier, Christian Persch, bug #443307)
>   - Make shuffle-deck-helper tail recursive. Fixes stack overflow exception
>     with guile 1.8.4. (Vincent Povirk, Christian Persch, bug #519554)
>  GLChess:
>   - Abort 3D render if widget_get_gl_context() returns None (Robert Ancell,
>     bug #512068)
>   - Add Gambit Fruit to AI list (Robert Ancell, bug #521623)
>   - Handle AI players dying before the game starts (Robert Ancell, bug #522341)
>   - Handle GLError->GLerror, GLUError -> GLUerror objects being renamed in
>     PyOpenGL 3.0 (Robert Ancell, bug #503238)
>   - Fix board rotation animation bug when viewing black side (Robert Ancell)
>  Translator work included contributions from Kostas Papadimas, Simos
>  Xenitellis, Eskild Hustvedt, Philip Withnall, Priit Laes, S.D., Ivar Smolin,
>  Artur Flinta, and the GNOME PL team.
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