Re: Aisleriot on OS2008 (N810)


Le samedi 05 avril 2008 à 13:43 +0200, Andreas R. a écrit :
> Does this mean that having and using the OS2008 SDK will suffice to port 
> Aisleriot to the new Hildon version, eg. that an actual Nokia device isn't 
> required? 

Yes, you only need the SDK to port it. (Of course someone should test it
on the real device to make sure everything is packaged alright etc.)

Actually aisleriot should already compile (--with-platform=hildon
--with-platform-variant=maemo) or at most require a few simple changes
for OS2008. So it's just a question of installing the SDK, building a
few other things (gnome-common, g-d-u etc), and then building the .deb
packages. I'll try to get to it soon, but everyone feel free to get
there before me :) The packaging .diff.gz's from OS2007 are available
from the maemo repos and be a good base for the OS2008 work.

> What would the chances of a free Nokia N810 to gnome-games 
> developers be like?

I've got one of those reduction coupons from the developer programme,
just haven't decided if I'm going to buy one or not...


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