RE: [Aisleriot] Freecell game selection, Redmond style

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007, Bastien-F Jonathan wrote:

This is a good thing but I should mention that the ability to start games
based on a specific seed was previously removed from Gnome Games.  It was
a rather a fiddly option and there were some calls in bugzilla for seeds
which actually matched the pattern of Microsoft Freecell as you have now
implemented.  If you can put a nice unobtrustive user interface on this
feature it should be good.  For what it is worth Pretty Good Solitaire
(Goodsol) sticks to the same pattern, as much as is possible.
Ok, I'll look into how goodsol does it, and make it as unobtrusive/friendly as possible. I will start by re-adding seed support in the UI, that will be my first set of patches. The second set will add redmond-style game generation to Freecell (it will probably add a checkbox or something, too). How does that sound ?

Being able to start specific games with easily predicted out comes (like a
completely unshuffled deck) might serve as useful test cases to smoke test
Does gnome-games currently have unit testing ?

Yes, take a look at:

Feel free to contribute some more unit tests.

 - Andreas

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