Re: gnome-games 2.12.1

On 10/3/05, Callum McKenzie <callum physics otago ac nz> wrote:
> >> gnome-games 2.12.1
> >> =================>
> >> This is a stable maintenance release of gnome-games. Several bugs have
> >> been fixed and translations have been updated. Upgrading is
> >> recommended.
> >
> > Callum: you still use the old and problematic spec file... :-)
> >
> The new spec file is in the development tree. I am very conservative about
> what I change in the stable tree and didn't even think about using the new
> spec file there. However, the old one is completely broken so no harm can
> be done, I'll see about it for 2.12.2.

Anyway, Callum, I would like to let you know that using the new spec
file, the gnome-games-2.12.1 rpm is built with no problem and it
installs flawlessly.


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