designing a cardset for aisle-riot

Good night from Spain.

I already made the enhacements that you advised to me.

Inkscape's XML-SVG editor is incredible!.

¡Now the spanish cardset is smaller than 0.5MB!.
Since it sized 22MB, there were some changes ;).

But there is just a problem. 

Gnome svg rendering and inkscape svg rendering show differents results.
You can notice it with eog, thumbnails or GQview against Inkscape. I
think all those applications, but inkscape, don't support earlier svg
standard's versions.

You can download the svg inkscape's svg  export from

Also, you can download the svg file from

I know Spanish figures need to be included yet, but first i would like
to load succesfully the svg from sol (the aisle-riot architecture).

Thanks in advance.

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