Re: strings for translation

On Sat, 2005-05-28 at 08:43 -0500, Richard Hoelscher wrote:
> Alan, Callum:
> Yeah, neither of those are a problem....
> For the gyahtzee strings, Alan's editing a file that hasn't been run
> through intltool-update or is for a version of gnome-games prior to 2.10
> Dennis Cranston fixed the tabs issue when he made all of his excellent HIG
> preferences patches this March. They are in CVS and will be part of
> 2.11....
I suspected as much, but didn't have the source code with me. 

The Aisleriot capitalisation issue has been fixed, everything is
capitalised now, including, unfortunately, "and" and "the", but that
leaves us with two 'wrong' names rather than half a dozen.

Also Alan: you put the ChangeLog entry in the wrong place. You should be
using the ChangeLog in the po directory, not the base one, for simple
translation updates.

 - Callum

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