strings for translation

I am looking to do some translation work but it is difficult enough to
begin with so I cannot bear to do any unnecessary translation and I would
you like you to review some of the following strings.  Let me know if you
want specific requests filed for any of then.

It would be helpful if the application name was abstracted into a
variable, there are a few strings repeated across gnome games like
Welcome to $APPNAME and $APPNAME Preferences.

#: mahjongg/
msgid ""
"The requested width of the main window in pixels. Note that the widgets
the "
"window contains are at least 320 pixels wide."

Now that the Gnome games are scalable could the second sentence be
removed?  (there is another string very simlar to that one elsewhere in
the code)

#: aisleriot/translatable_game_names.h:41
msgid "King albert"
msgstr ""

#: aisleriot/translatable_game_names.h:44
msgid "Lady jane"
msgstr ""

Albert is a proper name and should be capitalised.

#: aisleriot/translatable_game_names.h:46
msgid "Monte carlo"

same goes for Monte Carlo, placename

#: aisleriot/translatable_game_names.h:59
msgid "Sir tommy"

#: blackjack/data/
msgid "The amount of money in your bank"
#: blackjack/data/
#, fuzzy
msgid "The amount of money in your bank."

only a fullstop in the difference

That's all for now, might have more later, although I think I've spent
enough time on translation for today (and unless you specifically ask me
not to I'm going to commit it myself and add a small changelog entry).

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Alan Horkan

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