Re: Freecell

hervé de Dianous said:
> Hello from france !
> I a happy user of gnome-games 2.8.3-2 on a Debian Sarge.
> But something disturbs me, often, when i click the mouse near the edge,
> the window resizes automaticaly, this take a lot of time and a lot of
> CPU use to re-enlarge it.

Regarding "click the mouse near the edge", it sounds you are resizing the
window by either clicking on or very close to the border, or you've got a
very  unusual window manager. If either isn't the case, then please file a
bug at and provide more details about your
GNOME installation.

The other part of the problem, the unneccesary resizing of cards every
time the window is resized, was fixed very early in gnome-games-2.9, and
gnome-games-2.10 was released in March.

> Is it possible, like in the previous versions, to have the window size,
>    the space between cards-columns and the cards size fixed ?

As far as I know, There are no plans for this. :)

-Richard Hoelscher

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