Re: strings for translation

> I am looking to do some translation work but it is difficult enough to
> begin with so I cannot bear to do any unnecessary translation and I would
> you like you to review some of the following strings.  Let me know if you
> want specific requests filed for any of then.
> It would be helpful if the application name was abstracted into a
> variable, there are a few strings repeated across gnome games like
> Welcome to $APPNAME and $APPNAME Preferences.
> #: mahjongg/
> msgid ""
> "The requested width of the main window in pixels. Note that the widgets
> the "
> "window contains are at least 320 pixels wide."
> Now that the Gnome games are scalable could the second sentence be
> removed?  (there is another string very simlar to that one elsewhere in
> the code)
No - this sentence is describing the gconf parameter that saves the window
width. The second sentence describes a limitation of this parameter. Since
this string will only be seen by someone using gconf-editor it is not a
high priority for translation.

> #: aisleriot/translatable_game_names.h:41
> msgid "King albert"
> msgstr ""
> #: aisleriot/translatable_game_names.h:44
> msgid "Lady jane"
> msgstr ""
> Albert is a proper name and should be capitalised.
> #: aisleriot/translatable_game_names.h:46
> msgid "Monte carlo"
> same goes for Monte Carlo, placename
> #: aisleriot/translatable_game_names.h:59
> msgid "Sir tommy"

These are auto-generated so the perl script that generates them should be
fixed. I'll have to check the code, but I had the vague feeling this had
been fixed in 2.11. I may be thinking of a different, but similar problem.

> #: blackjack/data/
> msgid "The amount of money in your bank"
> #: blackjack/data/
> #, fuzzy
> msgid "The amount of money in your bank."
> only a fullstop in the difference
Yeah, but the guidelines for gconf keys say that the short description
shouldn't have a fullstop and that the long description should be a full
sentence (i.e. it should have a full stop). The second sentence is
normally longer and contains details about valid data and the like - in
this case there isn't much more to say.

 - Callum

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