Re: gnibbles improvements and build instructions

> Thanks very much, sorry I didn't find the webpage myself.. after much
> tribulations in compiling a new version of gtk and getting all the
> paths correct I have run the CVS version of Gnibbles.
Unfortunately, as you have found out, this is a lot harder than it needs
to be. Also finding the information is difficult. I have just added the
address of the webpage to the README file and the HACKING file.

If you have a GNOME 2.10 installation (e.g. Ubunutu Hoary which I use to
do the development work) then you just need the standard development
packages and gnome-common from CVS. Of course, most of the distros that
carry 2.10 are still in beta.

Are you using jhbuild? You still often have to sort out odd problems, but
it automates a lot of the process.

> Minor bug... Click New Network Game, then cancel... the main
> preferences menu item has not been re-enabled. I take it that the
> network game capability is still a bit hairy? I couldn't host a game
> or look for games on my network and the didn't
> appear to exist.
Could you file the cancel bug in bugzilla? To get the most of network
games you need to have libhowl installed so you can use zeroconf. should not be referenced at all (it should default to
localhost) since, as you observed, it no longer exists. To host local
games without zeroconf you can run None of this is as
straight-forward as I would like (see just a few days ago for a bug report
about the game server appearing here). Unfortunately I have not had time
to work on it recently. With zeroconf it is reasonably simple.

 - Callum

> Regards,
> Luke
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