Re: Proposed Module for GNOME 2.9: GNOME War Pad -- Questions

Heretik wrote, On 24/11/04 17:13:
Callum McKenzie (gnome games maintainer) recently said he wouldn't
accept new games in gnome games mainly because of the overall size of
the package, and because the focus is on bringing existing games to a
finished state.

Second, your game depending on a shareware, that is non-free software, i
think it's a sufficient reason for not include it in the core gnome

I understand, that was my doubt I was having...Well, I'll look for another way to distribute my software :-) thanks for your answer.

Now the doubt you've created me is this: GNOME won't accept any new game because of the package's size? I think this is terrible, not allowing more games because of someone is overloaded woth work, it's simply not scalable, why not split gnome-games in different singular packages? maintained by different people? it's just an idea.

Thanks again for the quick response.
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