Re: Networking some gnome games

On Sun, 2004-07-18 at 14:32, Andreas R� wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Jul 2004, William Jon McCann wrote:
> >....
> > Rows that you clear would drop on your opponent.
> ....
>  Do you have any more info about how multiplayer tetris games? Any
> other games I could have a look at?

There's actually quite a lot of multiplayer tetris games out there...
I'm not a Tetrinet player, but I know that they use special blocks that
trigger attacks or defenses whenever you clear them, and multiply the
effect by the number of lines you get.

My favorite tetris game is an official one released in Japan called
"Tetris Battle Gaiden" for the Super Nintendo around 1993. Each player
chooses a character, and each character has four magic techniques. For
example, as you collect magic strength by clearing lines from your
screen, you could eventually hit a level 4 technique that when triggered
(at any time by pressing "up") would create a windstorm, shifting around
a few of the rows on your opponents screen, usually eliminating their
attempt to form a tetris. One of the fun tricks involves freezing your
screen while taking over the opponent's side for a couple of moves.

Not saying that would definitely be something to put in Gnometris...
rather, I'm just a fan of that game. :)

-Richard Hoelscher

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