Re: Networking some gnome games

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004, William Jon McCann wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 01:13 +0200, Andreas Røsdal wrote:
> > Hi Callum,
> >
> > This might be a slightly late reply, but I hope I still can help out
> > improving the networked games in gnome-games, which still is on the
> > TODO-list of gnome-games.
> A networked version of gnometris would be pretty awesome.
> Rows that you clear would drop on your opponent.

I've thought about that as well - it would be great.  And it should be
pretty easy to do, after I've finnished generalizing the network code in
iagno.  Do you have any more info about how multiplayer tetris games? Any
other games I could have a look at?

I'll send the finnished generalized networking patch to bugzilla pretty

Any more ideas welcome :)

Andreas Røsdal

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