Aisleriot Spider/Spiderette


Excellent job you all have been doing updating the games!  I have comments/questions:

I am a big fan of the Spider solitaire game, but Aisleriot's 
version is a bit weak because it is too hard.  Not that it 
will make much sense if you don't play the game, but 4-suit 
spider is nearly impossible, whereas 2-suit (color-only) 
spider has probably 5-10% success rate and 1-suit spider 
is probably around 50%.  I have hacked a version of 
spiderette.scm that makes it a 2-suit game, and it is much 
more enjoyable and winnable.  Anyway, I was wondering a few things:

Is there a way to allow for game-specific preferences within Aisleriot? My impression
is that this is not possible, but I would like to allow for 1-suit, 2-suit, 4-suit spider 
games (both with same-suit foundations and inter-suit foundations.) This is clearly too 
many permutations to have multiple games.

If the above can be done, can it be done from within the .scm files, 
or would it require other changes as well?

If the above cannot be done, would you be willing to accept 2-suit versions of
spider/spiderette to sit beside the 4-suit versions so that at
least I will have something playable? I don't want to
step on anyone's toes, but another possibility is to just replace the current versions
with the 2-suit versions if nobody objects. I would be willing to contribute these 
if somebody else would take care of updating the help docs.

Is there a document that defines the guile/Aisleriot API 
(get-color, get-suit, etc.)?

Thanks for your responses.



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