Re: Aisleriot Spider/Spiderette

There is a long-standing request in bugzilla for a two-suit version of
spider (see bug 69252). If you have a 2-suit version written, then thats
great! If you feel it's ready, could you post the file to bugzilla
under bug 69252.

Now to answer your questions.

Once upon a time there were game specific preferences for AisleRiot
and the scheme code to support them is still there. Unfortunately the
C code has been disabled and I think has disappeared. Re-implementing
it was one of the things I was looking at for 2.5. Spider would
clearly benefit from this. In the meantime it's probably best to use
your 2-suit version. 

> If the above cannot be done, would you be willing to accept 2-suit versions of
> spider/spiderette to sit beside the 4-suit versions so that at
> least I will have something playable? 
Yes, definitely.

> if somebody else would take care of updating the help docs.
I can do those.

> Is there a document that defines the guile/Aisleriot API 
> (get-color, get-suit, etc.)?
There is no real documentation, but cscmi.c and sol.scm contain the
complete API. The complete list of C functions exported to scheme is
at the end of cscmi.c. Sol.scm has all the rest of the generic code
and is reasonable well documented. The routines that your game must
implement can be found in the function scm_set_lambda in cscmi.c.

Look for a "set-lambda" call near the end of the scheme code for an
individual game, this is a list of functions that are exported to the
C code. Note that while things like "get-options" and "apply-options",
which are meant to be used for game-specific options, are present in
the scheme code, but the C code ignores them.

 - Callum

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