Re: [GUAD3C] Re: Última parada antes del Call for Presentations

> > 4) jamesh says the template link is broken.
> We are already working on that, the link should point to template.xml
> instead of template.xml.gz

It is not. It was a Makefile problem. The server wasn't generating
template.xml.gz as I forgot to include it in the Makefile. Since the
server has been broken the last two days, I couldn't notice that. Now it
is ok. Just give a little time to the machine in other to regenerate the

> > 5) I still dislike the paragraphs in the end section. Try this instead:
> > 
> We will update this ASAP.

If this hasn' been done I will through it in a moment. I would like to
continue working on the registration page so can anyone tell me if this
hasn't been done yet?.

> > 
> > 6) When can people start registering to attend and find out that sort of
> > info?
> I have no idea about this, Juantomás?

Well, from the website part I must say that since the last two days the
server went away I have not develop the register page any further. Also
I am waiting for some answers to the questions I have about the register
schema and policy. We have a little backend already done anyway and I
will keep working on that. I would apreciate if someone can tell me what
happened about Steve Blood's offer to implement the "purchase zone",
etc?. The core part of the register page was supossed to be developed
and mantein by third parties. Juantomás, Héctor. Lemme know about what
do you know about this.



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