More schematics available - Call For Presentations

Hello folks. In case you haven't met me yet, I'm Amy Schechter, the 
Information Architect for the GUADEC3 Web Site. I'm responsible for 
identifying and laying out all the content on the site, from text to 
interactive elements. I also determine how a user interacts with the 
website, from registration to reading brochure stuff to viewing streaming 
media. From time to time, y'all will be receiving documentation on what 
the site should do from a user's perspective. Documents tend to be very 
complete, down to tiny details, and are designed to be used by everyone, 
including programmers, visual designers, database designers, marketing 
folks, and anyone who touches the site.

The documents include, but are not limited to:

Feature Lists/Site Maps
Content Collection
Flowcharts for major features
Schematics (detailed blueprints of every page)

Until I get everything up on CVS (which will happen within the next day or 
so) you can view all my stuff at:

Please feel free to email me any comments, potential edits, and any 
information about the site. I'll incorportate them so that no details are 

Looking forward to continued work with all of you.


Amy Schechter

home: (617) 879-0064	1572 Beacon St, Apt 2
cell: (646) 234-8109	Brookline, MA 02446

Math problems? Call 1-800-[(10x)(13i)^2]-[sin(xy)/2.362x].

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