gobject-introspection 1.73.1

About GObject Introspection

GObject introspection provides tools and libraries to help manage its
common metadata format for representing GObject-based C APIs, designed
for bindings, documentation tools and API verification.


* Update the GIR data for GLib, GObject, GModule, and GIO
* Disable rpath on Windows [Christoph Reiter]
* Add llvm/mingw support on Windows [Christoph Reiter]
* Fix annotations in libgirepository [Philip Chimento]
* Support C99 designated initializers when parsing C declarations [Jan Tojnar]
* Add some more types to win32 GIR [Marc-André Lureau]
* Let doctool prepend emitting objects in GJS signals [Andy Holmes]
* Require a C99 toolchain like GLib

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gobject-introspection/1.73/gobject-introspection-1.73.1.tar.xz (1019K)
  sha256sum: 64d4d6b9abaa6ff5450d082592f332b24fc81d1172ccc30d12620fadc4e86bbe

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