gnome-initial-setup 43.rc

About GNOME Initial Setup

gnome-initial-setup helps you set up your OS when you boot or log in
for the first time.


* Initial Setup no longer crashes if you attempt to use capital letters or
  periods in your username on systems that reject such usernames. Instead,
  it always forbids capital letters and periods in usernames. (#117, !30,
  thanks to Xiang Fan)

* Several regressions in the timezone page were fixed, including selecting a
  timezone by typing the name of a city and picking a location from
  the dropdown (#145, !157, Georges Stavracas) and searching for locations not
  found in the gweather database (!158).

* Page-skipping works again (!156, Adam Williamson)

* Parental Controls support now correctly requires malcontent 0.11.0's new API
  name. Beware: if libostree or libflatpak are built against libsoup2.4, then
  linking Initial Setup to libmalcontent for parental controls support will
  cause it to abort on startup, since Initial Setup also links to webkit2gtk5
  which requires libsoup3.

======== (514K)
  sha256sum: 952ce6c00daf723d832ceb7958ede59de8d4fde1e2fd07a67e407634bbeabb24

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