libgweather 4.1.1

About libgweather

Location and timezone database and weather-lookup library


- Locations database changes
  - Give proper name for Cannes-Mandelieu Airport [#162]
  - Add name of Korean cities written in Hangul [!217]
  - Update romanization of the name of Korean cities [!216]
  - Re-organize India's locations based on states [!214]
  - Add airports in Georgia [!203]
  - Add various cities in Brazil [!209]
  - Add various cities in Chile
  - Add major cities and all international airports in Indonesia
  - Replace cities in the Netherlands with the top 44 large cities
  - Add Dunedin, NZ
  - Add Zhytomyr, UA
- Disable documentation when cross-compiling [#170]
- Fix issue with missing variable initialization [#178]
- Use Meson's gnome.post_install() instead of our custom script [!215]
- Add NWS weather provider for locations in the US
- Translation updates

======== (4.52M)
  sha256sum: 55ae7b4ff349473051ab42c601ab82e2f4b98456264dddc0c5d1971dad5603f2

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