gnome-software 41.alpha


Released: 2021-07-20

This is the first unstable release for GNOME 41.
 * Many parts of the user interface reworked
 * Improve error reporting from flatpak when low on disk space
 * Fix issues with updating the UI when uninstalling apps with add-ons
 * Don’t keep rpm-ostreed alive forever
 * Prevent polkit checks showing up for background operations
 * Disallow submitting reviews for an app you haven’t installed
 * Show download size in the Updates page
 * Notify when restart is needed when uninstalling an app
 * Fix some issues with searches not running
 * Allow non-integer average star ratings for apps
 * Reduce number of categories in the UI
 * Improve ‘pending updates’ notifications
 * Refine presentation of download and installed size on details page
 * Remove left over gnome-online-account dependencies

This release also updates translations:
 * Basque

======== (3.00M)
  sha256sum: 2004e46309f762646a2257c6d1ba1f75e3836f1f86f4c8374e85187152c28689

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