gtksourceview 5.1.0


GtkSourceView 5.1.0 is the first alpha release of GtkSourceView as we
progress towards the 5.2 release.

Changes since 5.0.0

 * Fix GtkSourceView 5.0 version check macros
 * Improve font and styling of GtkSourceMap
 * Improve input gestures to make GtkSourceMap more predictable and
   reduce scroll latency
 * Various GObject Introspection fixes
 * Avoid a number of string copies in CSS processing
 * Avoid alpha compositing when drawing the right-margin
 * Improve PCRE2 support to perform closer to GRegex
 * GtkSourceSearchContext is now powered by PCRE2 when regexes are in use
 * javascript.lang, typescript.lang, html.lang: alter character ranges to
   work with PCRE2 by using \N{U+} style escapes
 * groovy.lang: add mimetype for groovy
 * sh.lang: fix short parameter expansion
 * powershell.lang: add support for powershell 7
 * Kate: fix matched brackets color
 * Adwaita: fix selection styling to support libadwaita
 * Translation updates

======== (1.15M)
  sha256sum: 1f3f5bbe75d8471add16e58d21d0df9b6fe985dd40461ac89adc04a66ed43680

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