NetworkManager 1.32.4


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.32.2

* core: remove stale entries from "seen-bssids" and "timestamp"
  files in "/var/lib/NetworkManager".
* bond: support the peer_notif_delay option.
* core: add ipv[46].required-timeout option to wait for IP
  configuration while activating.
* core: send ARP announcements when there is carrier.
* core: start DHCPv6 when a prefix delegation is needed for shared
* firewall: fix nftables backend to create "ip" table for
  IPv4 only.
* initrd: set required-timeout of 20 seconds for default IPv4 configuration
  to opportunistically wait for IPv4.
* ifcfg: log warning about invalid keys in ifcfg files.
* ifcfg: reject non-UTF-8 from ifcfg files.
* nmcli: show DNS SEARCH field in device information.
* cloud-setup: add support for Aliyun cloud.

======== (5.01M)
  sha256sum: 29acbd41c78b7ef87ff88fec5360d1eaf8b5b6fcb90555d7391abc5e36923158

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