gnome-latex 3.37.2

About gnome-latex

GNOME LaTeX is a LaTeX editor for the GNOME desktop, previously named
LaTeXila. GNOME LaTeX permits to concentrate on the content and the
structure of the document instead of being distracted by its

To help the writing of the LaTeX markup, auto-completion is available
as well as menus and toolbars with the principal commands. New
documents are created from templates. There are buttons to compile,
convert and view a document in one click. And projects containing
several .tex files are managed easily.

A side panel contains three components: the document structure to
easily navigate in it; lists of symbols to insert them in a document;
and a file browser.

GNOME LaTeX has also other features like the spell-checking, or
jumping to the associated position between the .tex file and the PDF.


* User-visible changes:
 - New application icon! Thanks to Brian Snider.
 - Use Tepl for the 'go to line' feature.
 - Create the Edit toolbar with Amtk. This fixes the problem with some buttons
   doing nothing when clicked (for the buttons containing a secondary arrow
   button that displays a menu; now the two buttons are merged).
 - Translation updates.

* Under the hood changes:
 - The LaTeX and Math menus are now created with Amtk, not with GtkUIManager.
 - Rewrite some code in C in the liblatexila, to have less Vala code.
 - App icon: rename to org.gnome.gnome-latex.

======== (1.04M)
  sha256sum: a3521e21d4cc5bc60ff694f5209f499caa80f395ce5d62cb632e4243ad27bad0

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