gedit 3.37.2

About gedit

gedit is the text editor of the GNOME desktop environment.

The first goal of gedit is to be easy to use, with a simple interface
by default. More advanced features are available by enabling plugins.


* gedit is now available on the Microsoft Store!
* Remove the checkupdate plugin (no longer useful).
* GSettings: revisit the set of plugins activated by default.
* Change app description.
* Write a script to have a list of plugins with their description.
* Documentation updates.
* About dialog: have the gedit icon, not the old logo.
* Many improvements to the build system.
* Fix a few bugs.
* Add a few keyboard shortcuts to the Shortcuts window.
* Updates to the Flatpak and Snap.
* Translation updates.

* Create GeditFactory class, subclass of TeplAbstractFactory.
* Use tepl_application_handle_metadata().

======== (6.50M)
  sha256sum: 26f43232547d3b3aa0493d3eaf3c067998828b3603155bcce3979fa67f2f6ec0

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