tepl 4.99.2

About Tepl

Tepl is a library that eases the development of GtkSourceView-based
text editors and IDEs. Tepl is the acronym for “Text editor product


* License:
 - Update the license from LGPLv2.1+ to LGPLv3+.
 - Start to use the REUSE way of applying licenses and copyrights information,
   with SPDX tags: https://reuse.software/

* API changes:
 - The beginning of a complete overhaul of the file loading and saving.
   This changes a little the API.
   The uchardet dependency is no longer needed.

* New API:
 - 'Go to line' horizontal bar feature.
 - Utility functions: add a function.

* Under the hood changes:
 - Have _TEPL_EXTERN macro for exporting public symbols.
 - Have a smaller TeplApplicationWindow class, factor out several
   tepl-window-actions-*.{c,h} files.

* Misc:
 - Improvements to the build system.
 - Metadata: improve the implementation and write unit tests.
 - Init i18n.
 - Tools: add shared-mime-info-list-text-plain-globs.
 - Translation updates.

https://download.gnome.org/sources/tepl/4.99/tepl-4.99.2.tar.xz (117K)
  sha256sum: 54f93de82c44a7a017357500e6d298397a0d5597c296c5ea9ee1e50d5306f576

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