gnome-maps 3.27.2

About gnome-maps

Map application based on OpenStreetMap map data


Changes since 3.27.1
  - Fix Maps to be available as an option for "Open with another application"
    for geo shape layer files
  - Fix JS warnings about redundant function arguments and similar things

Added/updated/fixed translations
  - Norwegian bokmål
  - Hindi
  - Croatian
  - Friulian
  - Czech
  - Slovak
  - German

All contributors to this release:
Dušan Kazik <prescott66 gmail com>
Dylan McCall <dylan dylanmccall com>
Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com>
gogo <trebelnik2 gmail com>
Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas gnome org>
Marcus Lundblad <ml update uu se>
Marek Cernocky <marek_cernocky conel cz>
Mario Blättermann <mario blaettermann gmail com>
Solomon Nadar <solomonsunder gmail com>

======== (1.12M)
  sha256sum: e77e843e0d10bfc8f0f8db6dced7edc115b9506696b473bc71956521ecab5952

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