zenity 3.26.0

About zenity

Display dialog boxes from the command line and shell scripts


    - Use GtkFileChooserNative for the file chooser (Patrick Griffins)

Zenity 3.24.2
    - No changes

Zenity 3.24.1
    - Translation updates
    - Fix style (Arx Cruz)
    - Adding clang-format script (Arx Cruz)
    - Fix message dialog width and height on recent Gtk (Alan)
    - Bug 762347: Addition of entry text width option (Arx Cruz)
    - Fix misleading indentation (Matthias Clasen)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/zenity/3.26/zenity-3.26.0.changes  (8.83K)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/zenity/3.26/zenity-3.26.0.tar.xz (1.04M)
  sha256sum: 6a7f34626dd62b751fe22bcdb32f3558f8a8fdddcc9406893dd264f0ac18e830

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