folks 0.3.1

       Module: folks
      Version: 0.3.1
  Uploaded by: Travis Reitter
 sha256sum: 9590e681c066098f0ab09c07bdada43f3f93718ad8c0769f9d900b9f8d99bb89
      size: 664K
 sha256sum: d40dbfcb3552a81e8f310d2a2e84cc867b9f5b1d8061c269c55af2fa396870a3
      size: 468K


Overview of changes from libfolks 0.3.0 to libfolks 0.3.1

Major changes:
* is now guaranteed to have the client type feature
* Add the PersonaStore:can-add-personas property
* Add the PersonaStore:can-remove-personas property
* Add the PersonaStore:can-alias-personas property
* Add the PersonaStore:can-group-personas property
* Make Individual implement the IMable interface

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 630431 â?? notify::alias is never emitted
* Bug 631864 â?? Crash when empathy disconnects
* Bug 632096 â?? build failure: contact-retrieval.o: undefined reference to
  symbol 'gee_abstract_collection_add'
* Bug 632163 â?? Folks key-file backend needs a way to point to a specific
  .ini file

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