gstreamermm 0.10.8

       Module: gstreamermm
      Version: 0.10.8
  Uploaded by: José Alburquerque
 sha256sum: 73c77dbbf71e47a979aff05a48988c87ea09fa0f928adb1e396466450375798e
      size: 6.4M
 sha256sum: 4db9f6448136e04cea1ebb1e0b190237d3c8c6e82203e638c332f972f2dc1817
      size: 4.9M


0.10.8 (unstable):
* BaseSink:
  - Wrapped the "enable-last-buffer" property.
  - Wrapped the set_caps_vfunc(), start_vfunc(), stop_vfunc(), unlock_vfunc(),
    event_vfunc(), activate_pull_vfunc(), unlock_stop_vfunc(), and
    render_list_vfunc() virtual functions (mostly manually).
* Added BufferList and BufferListIterator.
* Removed the optional API #ifdefs.  All the optional API is always built.
(José Alburquerque)
* Really fix the build with GCC 4.5 (Diego E. Flameeyes Pettenò) Bug #626203
  (Diego E. Flameeyes Pettenò).

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