gnome-video-arcade 0.6.3

       Module: gnome-video-arcade
      Version: 0.6.3
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes
  md5sum: 3cbfc1b10c385f1f09a603e260c3c9cc
 sha1sum: 39633f0cc06808e988e44f0fc5eda567378c18fb
    size: 984K
  md5sum: 99e6e15c3b2b630a51f0187147d407bd
 sha1sum: 7f0f1903628041b7f7583f180c611a714adc4231
    size: 804K


GNOME Video Arcade 0.6.3

	Released June 29, 2008

	What's New
	* Show parent/clone information in the Technical Properties tab.
        * Fix a compilation error when building against GTK+ >= 2.13.1.
        * Other miscellaneous UI tweaks.

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